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a newsletter amplifying cultural perspectives in tech, product design, and psychology.
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issue 1 (language) out now up next: collective healing
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what's inside?
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product teardowns.
Together, we’ll deconstruct apps in the Philippine tech ecosystem, exploring their origins, features, and business philosophies. I’ll also do my best to acknowledge the larger systems they operate in and how these products diverge from Western apps to fit the local context.
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transformative research.
A huge chunk of my university education involves reading long journal articles on psychology and well-being. I’ll give TLDR summaries of the latest papers that stretched my mind + what we can learn from them to deepen our awareness and build human-friendly tech.
idea seedlings.
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Witness my attempts to build and learn in public. I’ll give snapshots of my side project musings and ideas — and feel free to send feedback and insights right back :)
probing finds.
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Curated finds from different corners of the internet, ranging from ethical design in action to tech philosophy to tools for thought.
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