CAD Truetype Subs
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CAD TrueType Subs
TrueType Fonts that replace the standard Romans & Simplex SHX Fonts
USES • Create Searchable PDFs • Match CAD Text in Other Programs FEATURES • Same Width, Spacing & Shapes • 5 Different Weights (18, 25, 35, 50 & 70) • Square & Round Line Caps • True WYSIWYG Fonts – No Pen Parameters
TRUE WYSIWYG FONTS – NO PEN PARAMETERS By using Truetype fonts instead of SHX fonts, you don't need to manage pen settings. You can be assured your plotted output will match exactly what's on the screen.
CREATE SEARCHABLE PDFs Using these Truetype, PDFs can be created which are searchable. This overcomes one of the major drawbacks to using SHX fonts when plotting to PDF files.
MATCH CAD TEXT IN OTHER PROGRAMS Create a unified look to all your documents using these Truetype fonts in standard applications that do not support SHX.
5 DIFFERENT WEIGHTS (18, 25, 35, 50 & 70) Each Truetype font comes in 5 weights designed to match the most common pen widths. Truetype fonts have their stroke widths built into them, show your screen display and output plots will match.
SQUARE & ROUND LINE CAPS Each font has been created with two different endcap styles. The Round Ends create a standard "plotted" look whereas the Square Ends have a more standard Truetype look. Raise the level of your output by updating the look of your standard fonts.
SAME WIDTH, SPACING & SHAPES Each Truetype font has been painstakingly created to match the original font's parameters. Because the two fonts use different scaling methods, the spacing has been mathematically adjusted so the SHX fonts can be replaced in your drawings with little or no editing required.
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